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Our range of engine treatments, petrol additives, diesel additives & engine oil additives enhance performance, resolve engine problems and prevent high maintenance cost.

DC Lubricants supply a range of premium fuel additives, oil flush & DPF Cleaning solutions to a world wide audience.

Our product knowledge and support are world class and our unique relaxed and friendly "can do" attidude makes DC Lubricants the right choice for your engine's wellbeing.

We regularly attend trade events and always looking to put on product events of our own along side our suppliers. Keep a lookout of us at events such as UK Garage & Bodyshop Event, The AfterMarket Event AutoMechanika & Mechanex.

Emissions Detox Pro - Diesel

EMISSIONS DETOX PRO (DIESEL) is a powerful All-in-One diesel fuel additive designed to clean injectors and the entire fuel system, combustion chamber, EGR, Variable Geometry Turbo Vanes and DPF. Emissions Detox Pro (Diesel) includes cerium-oxide nanoparticles to safely clean the diesel particulate filter at lower temperatures.

This powerful combination means that it is the ONLY additive you need on the shelf for multiple uses in your diesel vehicle.

Emissions Detox Pro - Petrol

EMISSIONS DETOX PRO (PETROL) is an All-in-One, extremely concentrated and effective problem solver for all deposit related problems in petrol engines. Cleans injectors, valves, combustion chamber and the entire fuel supply system and optimizes combustion with its added octane booster.

Our All-in-One product is suitable for all petrol engines including direct injection engines (GDI) running on leaded or unleaded petrol. Will not harm catalytic converter or turbo.

DPF Soak & Rinse Pro

DCL Soak & Rinse Pro prevents expensive DPF replacement and prolongs the lifetime of your DPF by facilitating complete regeneration at lower temperatures. With one application you can loosen, dissolve & remove soot deposits in the DPF.

Easy & quick to use without any need to disassemble the diesel particulate filter via our very own applicator gun, this 2 stage process will improve engine performance, fuel economy and prevents stalling or your vehicle entering limp home mode.

Engine Oil Flush Pro - Diesel & Petrol 

Engine Flush is an oil based product used to completely cleanse the interior of the engine from sludge, gum, rust and varnish.

Internally cleans and flushes the engine with highly effective cleaning agents to eliminate gum, varnish & sludge.

Engine Oil Flush Pro also easily removes contaminants such as carbon deposits, soot & liquids (water & fuel rests) as well as reducing fuel consumption alongside reducing exhaust emissions, which will restore engine codition allowing fresh oil to preform optimally. Engine Oil Flush Pro can be used with ALL petrol, diesel & LPG engines with or without turbochargers and is compatible with all mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic motor oils.

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Introducing our range of products with our very own Darren Darling from The DPF Doctor Network

Emissions Detox Pro - Diesel

Engine Oil Flush Pro

Emissions Detox Pro - Petrol

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