DPF Soak & Rinse Pro

DPF Soak & Rinse Pro


  • Prevents expensive DPF replacement and prolongs lifetime of the DPF
  • Facilitates complete regeneration at lower regenerating temperature.
  • Loosens, dissolves and removes soot deposits in the diesel particulate filter
  • Easy and quick to use without the need to disassemble the DPF
  • An innovative three-step approach DPF cleaning solution for maximum combined effectiveness
  • Improves engine performance, fuel economy and prevents stalling or emergency engine mode
  • Reduces harmful emissions of hazardous exhaust gases


  • For all diesel engines (incl. common rail) with or without turbochargers running on low or normal sulphur level diesel fuel.

Click HERE for instructional video


  • Before doing the test drive or forcing the regeneration it is recommended to add DC Lubricants Emmissions Detox Pro into the fuel tank to optimize results and prevent new future deposit build up.


Step 1 - DPF Cleaner - 500 ml Density g/cm³:   0,998 pH value: 12.7 Colour:     Colourless Odour:  Lemon like

Step 2 - DPF Flush - 2000 ml Density g/cm³:   0,998 pH value: 11.4 Colour:     Colourless Odour: Lemon like

*sold as 2 stage cleaner ONLY. DPF Applicator Pro can be purchased separately HERE

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